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Not One but TWO National Award category shortlistings

Not One but TWO National Award category shortlistings

Claimed to be "the first new building permitted in Dunster in 100 years".

Exmoor National Park's picturesque, medieval village has a new purpose-designed Doctors' Surgery that was said to be "impossible".

In fact, it is said to be the first completely new building in Dunster in 100 years.

Since it recently opened, it has received much critical acclaim for its sensitivity to its setting as well as its build quality.

A finalist in both the "Best Public Service Building" category and "Best Inclusive Building" category of the LABC Building Excellence Award Scheme, the building is highly popular with its users and local residents.

Situated on a sloping site adjacent to the village playing fields and a scheduled Ancient Monument, all where it was said Planning Consent could never be achieved! The humane and sympathetic design is especially sensitive but with a modern twist that exploits natural level changes.

It provides level, bridged access to the upper floor main entrance and integrates a passenger lift giving full, independent wheelchair accessibility to the entire building.

The two storey building was designed to appear very much smaller than it really is in order to accommodate 21st century healthcare services in a form completely in harmony with adjacent, small clusters of housing.

Shoe-horned into the residual space between major underground electrical and water supplies that serve Dunster, (it was known that moving them would have been prohibitively expensive), even the building's footprint is creatively deformed to fit snugly within the available space.

"There were far more factors to reconcile than is usual" said the Design Architect and Director David Trigger of Challice Architects. . . . . Those restrictions also dictated my approach to the design.

It really was the springboard for an innovative solution that could resolve all of the disparate requirements.

Crucially, we needed a visually small scale, humane building befitting of its special setting.

Feedback so far has been especially complimentary. "

"The architects did a fantastic job" said Dr Ian Kelham ". . . all credit where it's due. "

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